In today’s world, where environmental consciousness and resource conservation have become paramount, making informed choices about the appliances in your home is crucial. Water-efficient appliances stand out as one of the most effective ways to reduce water consumption, lower utility bills, and contribute to a sustainable future. Water-efficient appliances are specially designed to minimize water wastage while still delivering outstanding performance. These appliances are engineered to operate seamlessly in your daily routine, all while conserving our planet’s most precious resource – water.
The Open University of Sri Lanka has made significant strides in promoting sustainability by integrating water-efficient appliances such as sensor taps, dual flushing systems, and faucet touch-press taps. These appliances have led to a substantial reduction in water consumption, resulting in lower water bills and contributing to the University’s overarching sustainable objectives. By adopting these innovative solutions, the institution sets a compelling example for environmentally responsible practices, encouraging a greener and more sustainable lifestyle throughout its community.

Dual Flushing systems at the university washrooms

Faucet touch-press taps at the Open University