In today’s world, where water is an increasingly precious resource, it’s crucial that we take steps to monitor and reduce our water consumption. The Open University of Sri Lanka has taken a significant leap towards sustainable water management through its innovative initiative, UI GreenMetric. This program not only benefits the environment but also translates into substantial financial savings for both the institution and the community.
Toilet flushing accounts for about a third of household water usage. The impressive water-saving initiative by the Open University of Sri Lanka began as a pilot study at the Center for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development. During this study, a unique method was employed to achieve these remarkable water savings. A 750 ml replacement was strategically placed within the cistern tank of the water closet, thereby reducing the volume of water used for each flush without compromising efficiency.

As per the survey,

  • Average number of flushes per person per day = 2
  • Water saving from one flushing = 620ml
  • Estimated staff of the university = 2670
  • Total water saved for a day = 3310 Liters
  • Water unit saved per day = 3.3
  • Water unit saved per month = 73

Cost saving

  • Current unit rate = Rs. 110.00
  • Monthly financial saving = Rs. 8,030.00
  • Yearly financial saving = Rs. 96,360.00

Project Outcomes

Save of 73 water units every month 

Annual save of Rs. 96,360

UI GreenMetric fosters a sense of responsibility and awareness among students, faculty, and staff, encouraging everyone to be mindful of their water usage.

By participating in initiatives like UI GreenMetric, the Open University of Sri Lanka not only sets an example but also earns recognition on the global stage for its commitment to sustainability.