At The Open University of Sri Lanka, we are dedicated to upholding stringent regulations aimed at reducing the use of polythene and fostering a more environmentally conscious campus. A comprehensive evaluation revealed that our canteen operations were a significant source of polythene waste. In response, we have established precise guidelines and regulations focused on building a more eco-friendly environment within our campus community. We have widely disseminated circulars and rules to ensure the seamless execution of this initiative, encouraging active participation from all to reduce plastic waste and contribute to a greener future. Additionally, we’ve strategically placed designated polythene collection bins across the campus to facilitate the segregation of polythene from other waste, making it even easier for everyone to play their part.

A prominent banner has been prominently displayed within each canteen with the primary purpose of informing and educating students about the meticulously enforced rules and regulations pertaining to polythene usage. Both students and staff members have been duly apprised of the requirement to bring their own eco-friendly bags and lunch boxes when procuring food items within our establishment.

Displayed banner to aware the staff and students about waste reduction policies