The Open University of Sri Lanka has a broader ecosystem due to its rich and varied natural characteristics. Our concerted efforts are dedicated to the preservation and augmentation of biodiversity within these areas. By enhancing biodiversity on and around our campuses.

To continually monitor and assess the status of local flora and fauna, we conduct regular biodiversity assessments, gaining insight into the existing state of our ecosystem and identifying local and potentially threatened species. Our commitment to biodiversity is further reinforced by our practice of replacing non-native and invasive plant species with native alternatives in our landscaping efforts.

Our sustainable approach to campus management underscores OUSL’s dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability, with a view to not only benefiting the current generation but also educating future generations on the importance of protecting and preserving our biodiversity.

ZooNet OUSL implemented a project to raise awareness of conserving urban wildlife among the staff and students of the OUSL. Hence, this year ZooNet of OUSL decided on the theme of Conversation and Management of Urban wildlife and organized several activities aligning with the theme. The bird and butterfly diversity inside the OUSL were identified and two sign boards were prepared and increase the awareness of OUSL community about the avifauna diversity inside the OUSL premises.

Speed limits were implemented to save road crossing animals

In a bid to safeguard wildlife, we have also placed strategically located animal crossings in areas identified as high-traffic zones for animal crossing 

To educate and engage our academic community, we have installed plant name boards, enhancing the educational experience