The Open University of Sri Lanka has demonstrated a resolute commitment to environmental conservation by successfully executing a series of water resource cleaning projects, strategically targeted around their regional centers. These projects have had a profound impact on preserving the quality of water resources, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding local ecosystems. The University’s initiatives have not only contributed to a cleaner and healthier environment but have also promoted the long-term sustainability of these crucial resources, ensuring that the community and future generations can continue to benefit from them.

In addition to its regional efforts, the Open University of Sri Lanka has made a significant national impact through the “Less Plastic Movement” campaign. This campaign has provided a platform for the University to lead extensive clean-up activities across the country, addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution in water bodies. These endeavors exemplify the University’s comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship, aiming to reduce the ecological footprint of plastic waste and fostering a more sustainable Sri Lanka for all.

Cleaning of Galle canal

Cleaning in Negombo canal

Cleaning of Polgolla Dam, Mahawali River

Cleaning of Kirulapone Canal